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We're expert hash makers. Quality drives every step we take.


Water hash

A truly OG, old world hash method of resin separation using ice, water, and a little agitation. We've worked to perfect the process so that we can isolate just the trichome heads to produce the cleanest, translucent sap at room temp.



A refinement process that presses the cannabis (hash or flower, all good) between two heated, metal plates. Done just right, the results are gorgeous golden or white oil butter.

710_DAY 2-1007.png


Hydrocarbon solvents help us extract terpenes and cannabinoids from cannabis plant matter. Our particularly meticulous process is able to extract the terpenes and THC/THCA only (no micro plant matters, fats, or lipids here– don't need 'em). Every batch of 710LABS live resin is tested for potency and flavor and is held to the strictest standards, period.